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NOTE:  For the consideration of Rev. Jenn and the rest of the participants – you will come into the meeting ‘muted’.  Please leave your session muted during the service.

Invitation to Zoom Worship Sunday, June 7th

Services begin at 10:30 AM                 Meeting ID for June 7th:     856 6688 9716

You may connect using your phone to listen to the service:  301-715-8592  and enter the Meeting ID above.  Please begin with SKIPPING the instructions regarding un-muting (*6).   Only your phone will be mute – you will be able to hear the service.  More recommendations for using ‘Zoom’ are at the bottom of this page.

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2020 June 7th   Trinity Sunday

Pastor Message for Sunday June 7th

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday.  We will celebrate the power of a God and explore that power through God the Creator, God the Redeemer, and God the Sustainer. The Trinity Season is the longest of the Church Year, lasting between 22 to 27 Sundays, depending on the date of Easter. This season is to emphasize the Christian life.

We begin by looking at creation from the Book of Genesis and the words of Psalm 8.

We might ponder our place in this creation, “a little lower than God”, and wonder at our use of the power we hold to destroy ourselves and the earth, as well as to create and to make new. Indeed, creation is not something that began and ended long ago; it continues even today, and we are invited to cooperate with the Spirit in a wondrous and ongoing process of creating and re-creating the earth.

We continue to add a time of offering to the service.  We are grateful for your continued offerings which support the ministry of St. John’s Grace.  Please know that by your regular giving, you support the ministries of the church and the outreach ministries of the church (CEA, SWES, Earl’s Place).  We are all blessed by the generosity of the membership.

Offering opportunities:  1) Mail directly to the church     2) Via your bank    3) Via our website on the offering donations page

For those interested, we are taking a collection for the Maryland Food Bank.    Make checks payable to ‘St John’s Grace UCC’ and funds will be forwarded.

Praise to God for all things, God is good.

Let us join together in worship!

Rev. Jenn

Recommendations for using ‘Zoom’

You can download the ‘Zoom’ program prior to the meeting, or you will be asked to download the program when you go to join the meeting.  It is easier to be set up on your cell phone by getting and downloading the free app from your App Store. but note the following if you are using your computer:  On a Mac: use Safari for your browser.  On a PC: use Chrome as your browser

If you are not able to electronically join with us…please read and pray with us at 10:30 am on Sunday.