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NOTE:  For the consideration of Rev. Jenn and the rest of the participants – you will come into the meeting ‘muted’.  Please leave your session muted during the service.

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2021 Dec 5th Second Sunday of Advent

Feel free to connect via email or phone and let me know what you are doing and how things are going for you.
Pastor Message for the week:

The Gospel according to Luke is the book of redemption. Luke displays particular concern for the marginalized and the dis-eased, whether from physical, spiritual, relational, or societal origins.

This narrative, like the other gospel accounts, reaches back to the Hebrew Scriptures in remembrance of the past, links us to the present, and directs us to the future. Of course, this text does not hold this characteristic uniquely. The other gospel writers connect to the other ancient texts in their own way. Luke distinguishes his writing, including the Acts of the Apostles, by connecting the witness of the Old Testament and Jesus in a view of the future through a prophetic lens.

Luke’s message remains urgent, and unapologetically calls for a turning and returning to God; this is consistent with the prophets of old. At the same time, John receives the responsibility to announce that the long-held promise is finally begin manifested. The hope of generations will come to pass for this generation and for us. Let us join to worship on the second Sunday of Advent.

The church is open for Sunday Worship services at 10:30 am and will be following all the established protocols to keep our community safe during this time of worship together.

Peace and joy,

        Rev. Jenn

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Recommendations for using ‘Zoom’

You can download the ‘Zoom’ program prior to the meeting, or you will be asked to download the program when you go to join the meeting.  It is easier to be set up on your cell phone by getting and downloading the free app from your App Store. but note the following if you are using your computer:  On a Mac: use Safari for your browser.  On a PC: use Chrome as your browser

If you are not able to electronically join with us…please read and pray with us at 10:30 am on Sunday.


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