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NOTE:  For the consideration of Rev. Jenn and the rest of the participants – you will come into the meeting ‘muted’.  Please leave your session muted during the service.

Invitation to Zoom Worship Sunday, October 25th 

Services begin at 10:30 AM                Meeting ID for October 25th :     889 8459 9719

You may connect using your phone to listen to the service:  301-715-8592  and enter the Meeting ID above.  Please begin with SKIPPING the instructions regarding un-muting (*6).   Only your phone will be mute – you will be able to hear the service.  More recommendations for using ‘Zoom’ are at the bottom of this page.

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2020 October 25 Twenty-First Sunday after Pentecost

We continue on…Zooming and joining together in worship we seek to praise God and be in God’s presence.

Feel free to connect via email or phone and let me know what you are doing and how things are going for you.

“Knowing the heart of Jesus and loving him are the same thing…the mystery of ministry is that we have been chosen to make our own limited and very conditional love the gateway for the unlimited and unconditional love of God”  Henri Nouwen, 20th century priest and prophet

This week, we look at Leviticus and the “holiness codes” and the Gospel of Matthew with an attempt to look at the meaning of life. When we are trying to figure out the meaning of life, when we are trying to make sense of everything, and understand life – consider that reality can give life its richness and ultimate meaning…beckons us to live better than we live…with humankind is goodness, but it has to be used. Interesting challenges set before us.

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Praise to God for all things, God is good.

Let us join together in worship!

Rev. Jenn

Recommendations for using ‘Zoom’

You can download the ‘Zoom’ program prior to the meeting, or you will be asked to download the program when you go to join the meeting.  It is easier to be set up on your cell phone by getting and downloading the free app from your App Store. but note the following if you are using your computer:  On a Mac: use Safari for your browser.  On a PC: use Chrome as your browser

If you are not able to electronically join with us…please read and pray with us at 10:30 am on Sunday.