Missions Ministry

Our mission work never ends:

There are many opportunities to get involved in our on-going mission support.

You may DONATE NOW to support several of our missions directly.

  • CEA (Catonsville Emergency Assistance)    Website:
      • Bring in an individual donation of food OR organize a food drive!  We are especially looking for the 12 kinds of foods below:
                • Cake Mix and Frosting
                • Dried Soup
                • Snacks
                • Jello
                • Juice Boxes
                • Mac & Cheese
                • Oatmeal
                • Soup
                • Pasta & Pasta Sauce
                • Pancake Mix & Syrup
                • Fruit Cups
                • Starchy Sides
  • Ugly Quilt Project
    • Bring in your old ties! 
    • We always need sheets, comforters, curtains, etc. to create bedrolls.
    • Also, can use shower curtains for ground cloths.
    • Mittens, hats, scarves are welcomed – bought or knitted/crocheted.
  • Crop Walk
  • Cornerstone Community Housing (Earl’s Place and Prospect Place)  Website
    • ‘Do it For Dad’         June 2022
  • SWES (Southwest Emergency Services)
  • Westside Men’s Shelter
  • Baltimore’s Homeless
  • Refugee support
OCWM – What is it?

You have heard of OCWM (Our Church’s Wider Mission).  Do you know what it is? Or it’s connection to One Great Hour of Sharing?

“Wider Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ supports congregations and other settings of the church in developing relationships with a wider church that is global, multiracial, and multicultural, open and affirming, and accessible to all.”

See what that means by checking out the UCC website.  Click Here  to go directly to the page for  “Wider Church Ministries”.   

Enjoy the discovery!