Children’s Ministries

Children are a big part of our congregational life at St. John’s Grace, and we see ourselves as a multi-generational “family” church.  Yet family means many things: adoptive families, foster families, single parent families, two parent families, families with same sex parents,  families caring for elders and elders caring for families.  You will find all kinds of families here at St. John’s Grace UCC.

Here’s just a bit of info about how children are included in our community.


Worship always includes a Children’s message and prayer.  Children are welcomed to remain in the sanctuary during worship.


Church School

FellowshipSundaySchool 002Every Sunday at 9:00 – 10:15 AM, St. John’s Grace conducts Church School for all ages. 

Church School resumes September 12, 2021.

We will be using a one-room curriculum.  ‘Celebrate Wonder‘ is an open-ended exploration and inquiry of the Bible.

Through experimental activities, spiritual practices and reflection, games, music, and FUN we will create a safe space for children to ask questions and seek God in their own way!

We definitely hope your child (or grandchild) will be involved. 


Nursery Care

Babies and children are always welcome to remain in worship with their parents.  We also provide Nursery Care in our nursery each Sunday for children 4 & under.  Care is provided by volunteers from the congregation.  


Vacation Bible School          Looking Forward to Summer 2022 VBS 

This summer we enjoyed two days of Fun!   Outside gathering areas saw games, music, Bible stories and snacks and shared FUN!

Next year’s Vacation Bible School is : Building with God – a Lego Extravaganza!

 More details will be coming!

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