Feeling Far Away… Yet Still Connected

It was bittersweet news yesterday when I learned that our friend and fellow church member Loretta finally went to Glory with Her Lord. I felt a bit helpless that I am so far away, and could not be there at the end. Yet I will be home to share with her friends and loved ones this coming Friday, July 5th at her memorial.

I feel thrilled to see all the rave reviews of this year’s Vacation Bible School! I know everyone worked so hard, and my own exhausted children are evidence of what a good time everyone had! Mark came home one night and explained to me how he believed in God and wanted to help his neighbors– I’m not sure as a parent you can get any better than that!

Here at General Synod everyone is enthusiastically exchanging scarves and talking about the action part of our Anti-Bullying Initiative. I am trying to gather some information to share when I get back home. There are so many scarves we are sharing them with everyone we meet– and reminding everyone to treat all with LOVE!

God Bless everyone– and I’ll see you all soon!
-Rev. Jenn


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