Rainbow Scarf Blessing THIS SUNDAY June 23rd!

General Synod 29 sent out a call to churches across the country to take a stand against bullying by bringing 3000 rainbow scarves (knitted, crocheted, quilted, etc) to the Annual Meeting of the United Church of Christ.  The movement took off, and crafters got busy, and many more scarves have been created than we ever imagined.

Those who attend General Synod— delegates and visitors of every age– will be challenged to sign a pledge to take a stand against bullying in their community.  Those who sign a pledge will receive a scarf as a reminder of their pledge.  The scarf can be kept or even given to a young person you know who faces bullying in his/her life.

St. John’s UCC will bless their scarves on June 23rd during worship, and Rev. Jennifer will be taking the scarves with her to General Synod.  And YES… Rev. Jenn plans to sign a pledge against bullying!

Thanks to everyone who has been working on a scarf!

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