Children’s Ministries

Children are a big part of our congregational life at St. John’s Grace, and we see ourselves as a multi-generational “family” church.  Yet family means many things: adoptive families, foster families, single parent families, two parent families, families with same sex parents, and families caring for grandma and/or grandpa.  You will find all kinds of families here at St. John’s Grace UCC.

Here’s just a bit of info about how children are included in our community.


Worship always includes a Children’s message and prayer.  Kids stay in worship through the opening hymn, prayer and passing of the peace.  It’s so great to see children of all ages passing the peace of Christ in worship each Sunday.

Church School

FellowshipSundaySchool 002

The 2016-2017 school year began with Rally Day on August 30.  The children planted a beautiful Japanese Maple by the Narthex entrance.  This year’s theme is Stewardship of Creation at St. John’s Grace Church.  Through the Genesis creation account, as well as the Psalms, Prophets, Acts and Gospels, the children will learn about caring for and celebrating God’s creation, understanding their own “created goodness” as a child of God, and explore ways to care for the earth in their own daily lives.

Fun activities include burying garbage (yes!), growing their own potato creatures, feeding the birds around the church, setting up a rain barrel and even making their own recycled paper.  Lots of fun activities are planned!

The children will participate in a time of worship, reflection and music, and then rejoin the rest of the congregation at the offertory.  We feel this will better prepare children for “grown-up” worship later on, as well as teaching them that what they offer right now is valued and celebrated by God and the rest of the congregation.  Their activity time will follow immediately after worship during “Coffee Hour” and will allow more volunteers to help, or allow busy families to move on if needed.

We definitely hope your child (or grandchild) will be involved.  Talk to Greg and Amy Bell to find out more about teaching, new schedules and more!

Rally Day 2017 is September 10!!!

Nursery Care

We love babies, and St. John’s has LOTS of them!  Babies and children are always welcome to remain in worship with their parents.  We run a closed-circuit TV into our Hospitality Room (Parlor) so parents can leave worship and still see and hear what’s going on.  We also provide Nursery Care in our nursery each Sunday for children 4 & under.  Care is provided by volunteers from the congregation.  All children are logged in and out of the nursery, and silent pagers are available for parents to take with them into worship.  Safety is important to us!

Vacation Bible School

Join us at Vacation Bible School at Mighty Fortress: In Jesus the Victory is Won, on August 7-11, 2017! Dinner served at 5 PM. Sessions are from 6-8 PM. Dinner $5 per person for the week with a max of $20 per family. Learn more.


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